Community is the foundation of my platform. I am a firm believer that developing a strong community is integral to building a Cambridge that we are all proud to call home. I have lived in Cambridge my entire life, and in Ward 7 since I was five years old. Growing up I was immersed in our youth sports leagues. I grew up in hockey rinks all year long, I also participated in our youth soccer leagues and softball leagues. These sports were a huge influence on my life and taught me many lessons that I would not have otherwise learned. It is important that we grow and support these parts of our community.

We must provide them with an excellent location for the new recreation facility our city has applied for. We must also support other initiatives that support arts programs, and help build other community connections that get Cambridge citizens out of their houses and enjoying all that this beautiful city has to offer.

The final aspect of community building that I want to focus on is returning Cambridge to the beautiful and safe city that it once was. It is a common theme in talking to people that they no longer feel safe walking in our downtown cores. When people are afraid to walk around downtown it means that any community events that happen will be less successful. It means that businesses have less foot traffic. It means that Cambridge citizens are not coming together to enjoy the beautiful city that we have. This is unacceptable and the problem needs to be addressed. A new location for the Bridges needs to be found and it needs to be outside of the downtown cores.