I am a strong believer in moving towards renewable energy. The greatest way for us to tackle the environmental crisis we face, is through renewable energy and transforming the transportation industry towards clean energy. Canada has a large ecological footprint largely due to the size of our country and how spread out our communities are. The transportation industry is one of the largest detriments to Canada’s environment. This means that the greatest impact we can have on our environment is to turn to clean energy for our vehicles.

How can we encourage Cambridge citizens to turn towards clean tech? By making it more accessible in people’s daily lives. All new city developments should include electric vehicle chargers in their parking lots. This is beneficial on two fronts. The first is that it makes electric vehicles more realistic for people to own. The second is that these charging stations provide a small amount of revenue for the city and pay themselves off over time. They are an investment in our future and helps the city increase revenue long term.

Furthermore, I would like to see city buildings moving towards renewable energy sources. Over time with small investments every year we can add solar panels to city run facilities and help offset our carbon footprint. Taking small steps on a yearly basis allows us to budget for this transition, and ultimately will lead to cost savings measures for city facilities. By reducing operating costs we will be able to lower tax increases in the future.